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Products page

On this page you can manage your store's products and categories. It allows to add your categories and products manually or in bulk via CSV file import.


When setting up your store, add your product categories before adding your individual products.


Product and categories must have a unique name.


View current categories

Categories box

In this area you can view your current categories and also modify or delete them (green and red buttons respectively).

Adding a new category

Add new category

You can add a new category via the "Add new category" button.

Add new category dialog

  • Category name: Enter your category name in this field
  • Category description (optional field): Enter your category description. It shows under your category heading area in your store


Category example

Editing and deleting an existing category

Edit product

To edit an existing category, click the edit category button. The fields are the same as Add category area. To delete a category click the Delete category button.


View current products

Products box

In this area you can view your current products and also modify or delete them (green and red buttons respectively).

Adding a new product

Add new product

You can add a new product via the "Add new product" button.

Add new product dialog

  • Product name: Enter your product name in this field
  • Product description (optional field): Enter your product description
  • Product price: Enter your product price
  • Discount % (optional field): If you wish to show a discounted price enter a number between 1 and 100 here (e.g. 20 equals 20% discount)


    Product example

  • Category: Choose between the available categories to associate with your product

  • Status: If unavailable, the product will show in your store but it cannot be ordered
  • Image: Upload your product's image. (maximum size: 3MB, allowed formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF). Use the red button Delete image to delete your uploaded image
  • Recommended: Recommended products are highlighted and shown at the top of your store. Highlight your most recommended products to make them easily found by your customers.


    Product highlights

  • Offer sub-item selection: Check this box if you eant to offer sub-item selections of your products:


    Product subitem example

Adding sub-items/variations

Subitem selection options

To enable sub-item selections, check the offer sub-item selection checkbox. When the offer sub-item selection checkbox is checked, the following options will appear:

  • Multiple: Offer multiple selection options (radio and checkboxes)



  • Single: - Offer single selection (radio) sub-items.



  • Both: - Offer both single and multiple selections.




Sub item selection automatically updates the item price.

Sub-items/variations fields

Subitem fields

  • Title: Enter your subitem title (e.g. Sauce)
  • Sub item name and price: Enter your subitem name and price (e.g. Ketchup) and the price to be added to the item cost (e.g if the item price is 10 and the subitem price is 2 the final item price will be 12)
  • Add/substract sub item buttons (+ -): Use these buttons to add or delete a sub item

Editing and deleting an existing product

Edit product

To edit an existing product, click the edit product button. The fields are the same as Add product area. To delete a product click the Delete product button.


Sub item fields will appear on the edit product page only if the Offer sub-item selection checkbox was enabled when the product was created.


Bulk Upload

Bulk upload

Use this feature to bulk upload products and categories vis CSV file import. Download the sample file as a reference to create a CSV file with your products and categories.


Product images have to be manually added after importing your CSV file. Product sub items also have to be manually edited after importing your file.

Delete all

Delete all

Use this button to permanently delete All your products and categories.