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The best e-commerce solution for food, restaurants, grocery stores and shops

Selling online with WhatsApp has never been easier. Create your online store and start receiving orders in minutes.

Kiripp it a tool for helping small businesses to digitally showcase and sell food or products in as easy, fast and streamlined way. It automates sales and payments without app installs, intermediaries or comissions.

With your Kiripp store, you can offer pick up or delivery options with advanced features such as maps support, payment processor integrations and fully customizable themes, to name a few.

Main features

  • Choose between WhatsApp, SMS or Email for receiving orders
  • Receive payments from your customers using Mercado Pago, Stripe, and Paypal
  • Maps integration with advanced delivery options
  • Up to 1000 products per store
  • Manage your sales and products from your control panel
  • Promote sales with coupons
  • Add your social network links to your store
  • Highlight your popular products within the store
  • Custom domain for stores (e.g.
  • Fully customizable colours. Make your store unique!
  • 5 store themes available
  • Image uploads
  • QR Code creator
  • Advanced opening schedule options
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration
  • Maps support for store location (with delivery area for local deliveries)
  • Maps integration for precise customer location for deliveries
  • Sub items and variations available: Add Toppings and Extras to your items
  • Offer Delivery or Pick-up options
  • Fast and lean interface. Store loading time under 2 seconds