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With coupons, you can encourage your customers to purchase from your Kiripp store. For example, you can create a 20% discount coupon and share it to your followers to incentivise sales.

Coupons page

View coupons

In this area you can view your current coupons, as well as edit and delete them (green and red buttons respectively).

  • Title: Shows the coupon's chosen name.
  • Code: Shows the code to be entered at checkout. (this is the code to be shared with your customers)
  • Type: It can be a fixed amount (e.g. $5 OFF) or a percentage (e.g. 10% OFF)
  • status Shows the coupon status (Active or Disabled))
  • Start date: Your coupon will be valid starting this date.
  • End date: Your coupon will be valid until this date.
  • Times used: Shows the number of times the coupon was used.

Adding a new coupon

View coupons

  • Enter coupon name field Enter a name for your coupon.
  • Enter coupon code Enter the coupon code to share with your customers here. Avoid using special characters or spaces.
  • Coupon type Choose between a fixed discount amount or a discount percentage amount. (e.g. $50 or 20% discount)
  • Coupon status It can be enabled or disabled.
  • Start date Set a starting validity period for your coupon.
  • End date Set a ending validity period for your coupon.
  • Discount value / Discount percentage field Enter your discount amount or percentage in this field. (only numbers are allowed in this field)
  • Minimum order amount
  • Maximum uses Enter the maximum number of uses for your coupon.

Editing an existing coupon

To edit an existing coupon, click the edit coupon button. Edit product

The fields are the same as Add coupon area.