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Referral program

Refer and earn $8 per paid signup!

With your referral link, all your referrals get a 20% discount on our Starter and Professional plans, and you earn up to $8 for every new subscriber you refer.


  1. Referral rewards are $8 per Professional Plan subscriptions and $6 per Starter Plan subscriptions.

  2. Referrals get a 20% discount for 6 months on our Professional and Starter plans

  3. Referred users must be active for 30+ days to be counted as a verified sales.

  4. Payouts are done via PayPal and are finalized and issued on the business day following the 15th of each month.

  5. Your referral link uniquely identifies your account.

What are the requirements to participate in this program?

To participate in this program you need a account and a valid PayPal account (to receive the payments). All account types are supported: Seller, Buyer, and Agency accounts.

How to participate

In order to participate, you need a account. Here are the steps for creating your custom referral link:

Referral program location

Log in to your control panel and go to the Referral Program area on the top right side of your panel.

Create your referral code

Create your custom referral code by clicking on the Create referral code button.

Referral code created

That's it! You can now share your custom referral link to start earning money!

Referral checkout

When your referrals purchase a subscription using your link they will get an additional 20% discount.

Tracking your referral clicks

Referral clicks

From your referral program area, you can track how many users followed your link over the last 3 months.

Tracking your referral signups

Referral signups

From your referral program area, you can also track referral signups with your code and their status. (for privacy reasons limited information will show)

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